meta advantage
business people

But at the same time, you want better results

then you’re in the right place

There’s a reason why being in business is harder than it looks

It’s because most people look at it from the wrong perspective.

The old sayings of

Work smarter – not harder &

Work on your business – not in your business

They both sound great but

they don’t deliver a roadmap towards the success you want


A proven path towards a great future in business

begins this powerful concept

People don’t own businesses

What they actually own are companies that do business with markets

A company is what you own and business is what it does

Company the noun and business is the verb

Why is this important?

Most people know the business like the back of their hands, but

they’ve never built a company before

It’s a new experience for them

And literally

Their financial success and their lifestyle

depend on getting this key project done

with a strong company

runs smoothly

accountable employees

consistently profitable,

good growth

great customers

owner takes time off

and vacations

without a strong company

ongoing stress

 tight cash

 unreliable staff
who don’t think like you

long hours

 challenging customers


Here’s another valuable perspective

Low profits, difficult customers, slow growth, long hours and employees who just don’t get it are not problems.

They’re just symptoms

These symptoms appear when the company is not strong enough to get and process the business.

They will continue to appear until the problem are solved.


For twenty years we’ve been working with owners to solve problems and avoid symptoms.

At Meta our core business is helping owners develop great companies.


We’ve developed tools, training, and services that deliver results – efficiently and effectively.

Our proven approach has a high efficacy.

You can use the Meta Advantage to build the company of your dreams.


metapuzzle is a complex puzzle

that unites several puzzles that feed into it.

Building a company that can compete and win in the business world certainly is a metapuzzle.


In business you have sales, marketing, operations, organization, management, delegation, human resources, administration, bookkeeping, accounting, finance, strategic planning and safety just to name some of the smaller puzzles that have to be solved and fit together in the metapuzzle.


No one person is naturally good at solving all of those puzzles. They take a wide range of skill sets and they all come with learning curves which takes time.

Plus, there is always the day-to-day challenge of keeping the business flowing.

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Here is what

You can expect from the Meta Advantage

Increase Your Team’s Efficiency

Create Clear Communication Channels for Your Company

To Generate ROI With Proven Methods

I’ll bet you are really well set up to do xyz businesss.

Nice shop, trucks, tools and so on

It would be really hard for somebody to compete with you if they didn’t have that.


What if we can give you the same quality of tools to build a strong profitable company that runs smoothly?

You would be able to build an awesome company/


That’s the META Advantage

Meta in Vancouver