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Our proven process works to help owners

get their companies running smoothly,

operating profitablygrowing naturally.

Our professional consultants serve Greater Vancouver.


If you’re in business and it isn’t

coming together & performing as well as you hoped.

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META is affordable

and our consultants ensure that

you reach your business goals – faster.

Do you have more than your fair share

of business frustrations & challenges?

Then take a few minutes to check out

META’s process & its proven advantages.


You’ll be amazed at how fast META

solves challenging problems


and how effectively we get

your company firing on all cylinders.


At Meta we know there is an

easy way and a hard way

to do almost everything.

This is especially true when

you’re building a small business.

Some people struggle for years

putting in long hours for LOW or NO profits

While other owners

avoid the frustrations and

put in few hours for HUGE profits.

What makes the difference?

small business question

That is a

golden question!

At Meta we’ve solved the puzzle.

For over 20 years our consultants have worked with

hundreds of small to medium sized businesses

and helped them achieve success.


We’ve been in the trenches and

we know what it takes.


We can help you transform your business

into a company that runs smoothly

and grows naturally – with solid profits.

It’s NOT how hard you work

or how long you work.

It’s WHAT you work on

and HOW you work on it.

small business consulting

Put our

expertise and experience

to work for you.

Meta business consultants in Vancouver, BC

have developed a high-impact program that

uses a project management approach.


This ensures you’re

working  on the right problems

using proven solutions.


It’s affordable with a

great Return on Investment

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META’s Advantages can accelerate your success.

Vancouver Consulting Testimonials

Sometimes a fresh perspective starts

by looking at a problem from a new angle.


Here is a new concept that may

seem to be just parsing words, but it serves to

open up practical & powerful solutions.

“People don’t own businesses

what they actually own are companies

that do business with markets.”

John Cameron

meta power advantage

This concept

will power up your ‘career’  in business

and accelerate your success.


Click on the power button icon above to

read more about the 3 main

Meta Advantage Projects (MAP)

for building awesome company strength.

A company is what you own

and business is what it does.

If your customers can

take their business elsewhere

whenever they want to how can you own it?

Your company has to earn the business

and keep earning it.

meta advantage

When your  company has worked on the projects

and developed its strength to

process the business it will

run smoothly,

operate profitably

and grow naturally

If you’re in business and want better results then reach out and book a no-obligation Discovery Session.

We’ll show you a very effective process for strengthening your company. It’s affordable & the ROI is excellent.

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To find out if the META is a good fit for you and your company book a free 45-minute Discovery Session in Greater Vancouver.

    To find out if the Meta Advantage is a good fit for you and your company book a free 45-minute Discovery Session in Greater Vancouver.


      The old sayings simply

      don’t measure up.


      “work smarter – not harder”


      “work on your business

      not in your business”


      They sound good

      but they aren’t very helpful

      because they lack a

      project management approach with

      step-by-step roadmaps

      that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to

      strengthen their companies.

      What entrepreneurs really need is a

      straightforward approach that they can easily

      understand and implement.


      It’s been our experience

      that when small business-people


      know what to do AND how to do it

      they get the job done.


      Where are you now?

      It’s a good idea to define the starting point.

      Building a profitable company is

      a complex puzzle. There are

      3 proven projects that combine

      to make all the pieces of the puzzle

      seamlessly fit together.


      At META we’ve worked with

      hundreds of entrepreneurs and helped them

      improve the strength of their companies.

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      Your next step towards the business results

      you’ve always wanted is to call and book

      a no-charge Discovery Session.


      It’s a 45-minute conversation

      that can have a massive

      positive effect on your future in business.

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      meta business conversation

      META delivers a proven approach.

      need business consultant

      Far too often people go into business

      and they focus on doing business.

      They don’t put enough effort

      into building the strength

      of their companies.

      If this continues

      eventually the company

      ISN’T strong enough to handle the business.

      This causes an endless stream of symptoms.

      Vancouver entrepreneur

      It’s META Time

      Vancouver Idea

      In the world of video gaming

      calling something “meta”

      means it’s a very effective way

      to achieve the goal of the game.

      At META

      our focus for over 20 years

      has been to create and implement

      world-class meta strategies

      for entrepreneurs.

      In the game of business, the goal is to

      build & grow a profitable company

      that delivers great value to your customers

      and creates a great lifestyle

      for you and your family.


      (604) 888-3471

      You can be in business

      for a long time, but

      you won’t lead an extraordinary life

      until you build a strong company.

      hand from Vancouver bc

      To achieve success your company

      needs to be firing on all cylinders.

      That’s why the level of

      difficulty in business is high.


      Get META Advantage and their

      business consultants in Greater Vancouver

      working for you!

      Metapuzzles are complex puzzles

      that involve solving a series of

      various types of puzzles to get the

      ultimate results.


      Achieving success in business

      is definitely like that.


      META divides the challenge

      into workable projects and

      equips you & your company with

      serious advantages to solve all of them.


      We’ve developed a proven road MAP

      Meta Advantage Projects

      that efficiently guide you towards success.

      META’s process also

      finds and fixes existing difficulties.

      It’s important to get early wins.


      This  gives your team some traction

      and it frees up time to

      implement your

      Company Strengthening Projects.

      project management consulting

      AT META we understand that

      companies need to wrestle with the

      ongoing day-to-day busy-ness

      and clear time to

      focus on high-leverage projects.


      We start with this in mind

      and were good at finding solutions.


      Call or email to book a

      no-charge Discovery Session

      with a professional business consultant

      in Greater Vancouver.

      (604) 888-3471

      You know the results you want.

      META will deliver the MAPs to get there

      and supply trained consultants to do the work

      that you & your company choose to outsource.

      Click on the power icons below to

      take a deeper dive into

      the Meta Advantage Projects

      They are the roadmaps that consistently

      deliver real company strength.

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