With existing companies

BRIDGE  Marketing

is typically the 3rd program to be considered

because of this observation.


A company with LOW or NO profits at One Million

isn’t guaranteed to be profitable at Two Million.

No doubt it will be busier, but working harder

for the same take-home pay isn’t a good lifestyle choice.


Here is a good Rule of Thumb.

profits fuel growth

Having said that,

there can be times in a company’s lifecycle

when business growth is essential

to become profitable.

But, don’t forget to

build the strength of your company

as you grow the business.

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Marketing is the

fastest-changing area

of business

The snail’s pace

is now supercharged change.


Not that long ago it was

Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Direct Mail, Tradeshows

and perhaps some radio and television.

Compared to what’s happening nowadays

that was fairly easy to manage.

The complexity

is also growing exponentially

Vancouver puzzle

There are literally

dozens of learning curves


My Business pages, Websites and the plugins,

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media,

video marketing, Google Adwords, Google Display,

 remarketing, Facebook Pages and ads, Instagram,

Linkedin, dozens of other digital marketing options,

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

software plus Amazon,  Etsy, and other online stores.

AND the old methods are still there.

The learning curves keep coming

faster and faster.


How does the owner of a company

find the way through all of that and

stay on top of the business?

BRIDGE Marketing is a process

that deals with the growing complexity 

and produces great marketing plans.


You can use it

and make it your competitive advantage.

Every Marketing Plan

should start with identifying

the business you want.


It seems simple enough, but

far too often the conversation drifts

to something else.

Be it the latest social media trend or

digital marketing strategy.


ID the business you want

and build a plan to go after it.



is central to



bridge marketing

After all,

you’re putting in the time & effort

and investing money to build the company

you should be clear

on who you want it to serve.

Meta business focus

BRIDGE Marketing is both a metaphor

(for 2-way traffic between you & your prospects)


and an acronym for an

easy-to-follow process

for building powerful marketing plans.

It breaks the ever-increasing complexity of

marketing down into workable segments.

bridge marketing

It’s a 7 step process from B to E in BRIDGE.

It.s repeated in cycles

as your company continues to sharpen the

leading-edge of competitiveness.


There are sections of this that require

specialized digital marketing skills and abilities

that you can hire, sub out, or contract META.

We’ve got the experience to get

it up and running quickly and delivering

the business you really want.

Benefits with buy-in

Also known as

the reason customers write the cheque.

(Or any other form of payment used )

Identify WHY

the customers you want

actually, place their orders.

Most companies only know a fraction of the

reasons people buy from them.

It’s important to know


WHY they buy




Why they buy 

WHERE they buy 


is also very valuable


Customers purchase for a wider

set of reasons than you expect.


This is great because it creates opportunities.


It’s now possible to effectively market to

many small segments that

are a great fit for your company

instead of  buying expensive ads

which can be like trying

 to hit flies with a sledgehammer.


(Pro Tip: things are changing fast and

precision targeting is where the golden opportunity is,)

When you know the full range of reasons

customers buy your products & services you

have a HUGE advantage 

 over your competitors.

Benefits with buy-in

are the raw material for

great marketing plans.


They are the seeds that are

ready to be planted and grow.

(Yet another metaphor)

If your company needs to improve and

add more engaging benefits with buy-in

to compete and win then

loop back to the Company Accountability Matrix

and get to work there.


Don’t believe in objections


Think of cause and effect.

Objections are caused by resistance.

The objections you hear don’t always

match the actual resistance.

The most offensive false objection is



Customers use that even when it’s not true

because the price objection is an easy way for them

to brush you off.

Interesting Note

Price shoppers call way more companies

than typical shoppers do.


This makes them appear to be

far greater in numbers than they actually are

and it also makes price sensitivity

appear to be more of a concern than it is.

Interesting Observation

Have you ever seen a customer

go into Starbucks and say

“match McDonald’s price and

you can have my business.”


Why do they think it’s fair game

to grind on you?

The Mother Teresa Effect


Offering lots of value while living in poverty.

It is vitally important to market towards people

who are willing to pay fairly so

you can develop a solid business model.

Sometimes lower resistance means a

different market segment.

Another important puzzle

How to get your Benefits with buy-in up

and the Resistance down.


while maintaining a solid Gross Margin.

META’s marketing consultants based in Vancouver

have solid experience working on this puzzle

and finding great solutions.

Vancouver marketing

Information Exchange


This part of the process is pretty mechanical.

What do they need to know about you?


What do you need to know about them?


This seems simple, but

a lot of companies wind up

either not giving or not collecting

information here that is valuable

for growing the business.

Initiate Contact

This is where it gets very interesting.

When you’ve got Benefits with buy-in

you choose to advertise – its important to select

the best channel (or channels) to

use to get the message out.

Initiate Contact

As mentioned earlier there are an

amazing amount of digital marketing options

plus the traditional avenues as well.

Initiate Contact

Let’s start with strategies first

to narrow the choice of tactics down.

Hunting — Fishing — Farming

Hunting is when you can find information

about the individual prospects.

from business associations, business list brokers,

Linkedin and Google searches etcetera.

With hunting you can target the prospect directly.

Customer Relationship Management Software is a good idea.

Likely options to initial contact are telemarketing,

direct mail, email and joining the same associations.

It may take several contacts

before you get a shot at the business.

Fishing is when you throw the net

over the side of the boat into the deep dark sea.

There is skill and ability involved’

It takes the right type of net

test in the right place at the right times.


This is a metaphor for using mass media like

newspapers, radio, television, tradeshows, or

website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook

Google Adwords, Facebook Ads & a host of other options.


Skill and ability play a huge role here.

There is a remarkable lineup of learning curves

and it is often very competitive with other companies

reacting & improvising to get ‘their‘ share of the business.


Owners can use META’s BRIDGE Marketing

to manage their marketing plan

get good value for the money invested.

marketing consultants

With farming you work your

customer database for more business.


Customer Relationship Mgmt (CRM) Software

is a very good idea here as well.


The customers’ likely next purchase

can be logged and reminders & special offers

sent during your slow times.  Keep in touch.

Especially if they are likely to repeat.


A good referral program is also a solid idea.


It’s also a good idea to get testimonials.

(In the digital age these are more important than ever)


Other people similar to your existing customers

are also likely to buy the same products & services.

You can mine your customer data for

digital marketing targeting ideas.

Initiate Contact

The BRIDGE Marketing process started with

the Benefits with buy-in and now it’s time to choose

between the hunting, fishing or farming strategies.

Initiate Contact

The next step is selecting the best

tactics & channels from within the

hunting, fishing, farming strategies

and build the content and advertising pieces

that speak directly to the Benefits with buy-in.

Initiate Contact

META has a comprehensive list of

great tactics that are kept up to date with

easy-to-use how-to systems.

This far into the BRIDGE Marketing process

the reasons people buy are identified

resistance is understood & countered

the best strategy to initiate contact is chosen and

attention-grabbing pieces are being produced.

Develop your Plan

The BRIDGE Marketing template is a calendar

divided into hunting, fishing and farming

It’s time to put a timeline to your strategy

by placing your tactics into the calendar.

Develop your Plan

This gets you buying proactively instead of  buying

 from the next salesperson who contacts you

selling what they want you to buy.

Develop your Plan

This gives you the opportunity to

identify the business you want

and go hard after it.


You can throttle the marketing up & down

to match your company’s strength to

process the business.

Get Feedback

John Wanamaker supposedly said

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted;

the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

This is an important step in the process.

With digital marketing, you can get

better tracking, but quite regularly

you can get buried in data.

Make sure you can see the connection to sales.

Get Feedback

The most important feedback is

Return on Investment

and by investment we specifically mean

Gross Margin

divided by

Money invested in the marketing

Get Feedback

The second most important feedback is what

advertising pieces the customers responded to

and why.

In other words what’s working and what’s not.

Don’t be like John Wannamaker  – find out.


The feedback you get from the buyers

are the ‘seeds’  for your next advertising pieces.

Get Feedback

Each ad or initiative is like

investing in stocks.


Get Feedback

Marketing that doesn’t work

is an expense.

Marketing that does work

is an investment.

Marketing nowadays is a team sport.

You have several people working on it.

They should all know that

your goal is to be an investor.


We recommend that you spend 5 – 10%

of your budget on new ideas and initiatives.

Marketing is the fastest-changing area of business

and this will keep you on the leading edge.

It’s time to wrap it up

Our goal with this page is

to give you enough information to decide

if you would benefit from a

45-minute Discovery Session.


We also know that entrepreneurs who

understand our process fully before

they sign up get the greatest benefit

from participating.


Call or email for a no-charge Discovery Session

and ask any questions that you still have.

Our Greater Vancouver business consultants

are available to help you.

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