At META we have a dual focus here.

The profits of the company and

your own profit-ability.

Profitability is like riding a bicycle.

Once you learn you don’t forget.

The ability comes back pretty easily.

Metadata is analyzing how financial data

is collected and processed.

This is surprisingly rare in the business world.

Real information helps YOU make

the important choices and decisions.


All other data is trivia.


Accountants routinely prepare financial statements

for the taxman and the bank.


Typically there is little or

no useful information for owners of

companies in the small business sector.


And guess who pays the bill?


At META we have a saying.

Successful owners know

business is a numbers game.


If you get good information

you will naturally guide your company

towards financial success.

The twin questions are:

What does good information look like?

(This can be very challenging — especially 

when you haven’t seen it before)


How can your company

consistently produce it for you?

profitability compass

META’s Profitability Compass

delivers great information that is

customized for your company & teaches

you how to take charge & effectively manage

your financial information systems.

Good information and the typical statements

you get from your bookkeeper/accountant

cost about the same to produce, but

the impacts on your profits and

your personal lifestyle


The choice is yours.

Book a Discovery Session.

We’ll show you easy-to-read, powerful reports

that can be customized for your company.

They are focused on improving the

company’s profits and your profitability.


Get the information you need

when you need it.


Profitability is like baseball.

  • The Batter’s Box is Sales & Marketing.
  • First Base is covering the direct costs of doing business.
  • Second Base is direct costs plus overheads.
  • Third Base is direct costs plus overheads & a fair wage for yourself.
  • Getting across Home Plate is the company also earning solid profits.

At Third Base you have a job.

The company’s sale value isn’t very high.

Companies are typically valued

at a multiple of the profits.


In business—just like baseball

if you don’t score—you don’t win.


Even before you’re ready to sell

Profits pay back your initial investment and

reward you for the risks you’ve taken.

They can be reinvested or taken out as dividends.


Increasing profits is the fastest and best way

to increase the value of your company.

Good News!

Profitability is a learned skill.

META’s Profitability Compass will have your company

tracking towards industry-leading profits.

The tools and training are practical and powerful.

We customize them specifically for your company.

Book a Discovery Session and see for yourself.

meta business conversation

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proven methods, reports and training

that consistently get great results for owners.

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