How to get everything done and done well?

(And we mean everything)


As the business grows it becomes

more challenging, but it’s not impossible.

META Advantage has a proven plan.


It takes some thought to

wrap your mind around it, but this is

the most effective and comprehensive

approach available for

small-medium sized companies.

Every company has a lot of moving parts.

It’s hard to keep them all in your head.


Why not take an “inventory”

of the moving parts and

everything else the company needs to do

during the next year?


And then make it easily

accessible for key people on your team.

META has developed the

Company Accountability Matrix (CAM) process

that starts with the ‘inventory’ concept.


As companies drill deeper into the CAM they

discover that the matrix continues to deliver

a long list of valuable benefits.

Company Accountability Matrix

The Company Accountability Matrix

gives you a serious advantage

over your competitors.

Build your company stronger faster

and more solid than they can imagine.

It creates a powerful, easy-to-use plan for

maintaining & improving performance

in all aspects of your company.

It also creates an efficient roadmap

for strengthening your company.


AND for keeping it strong

as the business grows.

It sets the stage for

managed conversations

with your staff about your expectations

and how the company’s performance

can and should be improved.

It identifies and prioritizes

the performance improvement plan

to keep your team on track.


The CAM delivers a great ROI

for both the time invested in developing it

and the money invested in the project.

It will also show you what you should delegate

and how to successfully delegate it

AND get the results you want.

This is the process that allows owners

to take extended vacations

and have shorter workweeks.

It creates a detailed  training plan for

every employee who should have one

which is another huge benefit.

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It identifies and fills in the gaps

Including gaps you might not be aware of – yet.

They’re hard to spot in growing companies.


Often it’s the missing pieces

of your organization that are

causing your frustrations,

draining your profits or

stalling your growth.


Sometimes experienced eyes

can spot solutions you can’t see.

We’ve helped hundreds of owners 

successfully develop their companies.


Put our experience to work for you!

Implementing the CAM creates the

Accountability Effect

that gets employees thinking about how

the company should perform.

Instead of leaving their ‘thinking caps’ at home.

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Over time – all the moving parts

get documented systems.

Written for employees with

minimum qualifications on their first day

on the job. (Or internal promotion.)

With a Company Accountability Matrix

you can hire for attitude

because you can now easily

train the skills your company needs.

Seeing it from a higher perspective.

You get a much better return

on your largest expense – payroll.

You might think this won’t work

in your company, BUT this is a

more powerful process

than you have ever seen before.

The Company Accountability Matrix process

chews on barbed wire

and spits out bearings that

get your company running smoothly.

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